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Darlow Lloyd and Sons are a long-established family company with a proud history and a proven track record

Darlow Lloyd and Sons was initially founded in 1965 by Darlow and Janice Lloyd and in 1973 it expanded to become a limited company. Since 2008 Darlow Lloyd and Sons has been a group which has helped us to diversify our business and we have continued to expand into new markets and territories throughout the UK and the rest of the World.

Over this time period and throughout it's growth, our company has still managed to retain it's core values of always putting the client first and building excellent client relations through a strong team who have a passion for success.

DLS are based in South Wales from where we deploy our Teams throughout the UK.

DLS offer the complete industrial waste management solution strategy towards true "Zero Waste".

  • Patented Binders for sludge recycle & reuse
  • Bi-Product upgrading
  • Waste / aggregate recycling
  • Landfill Management
  • Transfer sorting station management
  • Landfill site construction & mining
  • Water recycling

We are a single source solutions provider. From the collection of industrial waste, to the management of waste and the recycling processes of retrieving value from waste.

The experience, innovation and problem solving skills of our team attained over the years have helped us to win many repeat contracts, and since 1986 we have been working closely with UK Steelmakers managing landfill and developing zero waste processes.


We work in a hazardous industry and safety of the public and our staff, partners and clients is paramount.

We identify where fatal risks could occur and design safety protocols to eliminate them. Hazards in activities that we undertake are identified through forward planning. Every element of our safety policy is monitored and recorded and we are proud to have achieved ISO 45001 management system standard certification.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

We are conscious of the impact our industry and that of our clients can have on the environment and through our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, have shown that we can effectively reduce waste and recycle therefore enhancing both our clients and our environmental credentials.

To see how Darlow Lloyd and Sons way of working can make a difference in your next project please contact us.

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